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When you need medical services, you for sure appreciate qualification and education of your doctor, wide-range professional experience, lifetime experience, unhurried research, professional language and, of course, successful and effective treatment outcomes.

Why not ask for the same from your sport and nutrition coach?

You are too valuable to be left with training on your own. Why look for a change in your lifestyle with a solution that is less likely to succeed?

Just knowledge of the movement, training tutorial or a training program, and a few meetings with the coach, despite their low cost, may not take you to your goal. You need something completely different.

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Ellu´s Kitchen: We are not our bodies

Thursday 11/2/17 time 3:49 PM - Elena Kantaneva


We are not our bodies. That is why it is very difficult to focus, devote time and energy to build a healthy strong body. It seems that our goals in life does not include healthy body. We got used to hear that we are all equal, man and woman. It does not matter how do you look, more important who you are. This message does not motivate to take care of body. But is this message really true and helps people. We are not stupid. We are ready to spend time and energy that keeps us moving towards our life goals, find partner, love, professional growth.

Body somehow is not included in our plan. Why? Does it mean that it is not so important? How we are supposed to live without our bodies? What happens if body stops functioning, our joints stops carrying out overweighted bodies? 

Does it really mean that body is less important or we just pretending and closing the eyes denying the reality, supporting sales of the majority of the products in supermarket that legal to sell but that harm our bodies? 

Believe me we cannot eat it all. Maybe it is just time to take care of our bodies, listen to it, devote time and energy to it, cherish it?

There are coaches available to help you manage that issues and set the goal towards healthy body.

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