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Ellu´s Kitchen: Eventually we all die

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Sunday 10/22/17 time 12:59 PM - Elena Kantaneva

IMG_3781.JPG.jpegWe all die. Maybe even sooner than we think. So why to waste time on something that does not interest you.

I have no idea what is wrong and what is right. How to raise kids? What to do and what to eat to stay healthy? What is happiness and what is love? I do not know what is black and what is white! I am not even sure that I need to know. Knowledge will come when needed.

I started to run, ski and interval training at the age of 42. I liked it so much. I cannot say that I was inactive. I played tennis, was going to gym. However, this outdoor activity made me so much happy and complete. There are couple of things that I have learned. Running, walking, skiing showing you that you have extra weight immediately. It is not so easy for joints and cardiovascular system if you are overweighted or have extra. There is almost no ways to drop weight with exercising. You need to place the locker on the fridge! 

With all adds and commercial offering healthy food and recipes I get really tired. I understand that I do not need so much food at all and obviously do not want to spent my time away from family and training following all these "healthy" advises. Food is like Russian vodka you cannot drink all available in the world. So better stop eating. @elluskitchen was created to show time to time easy things that you can cook if you want.

Wine...... I always liked red dry wine.... nothing else probably but wine. Friends can tell....It makes me tired now. I do not have power for all what I love family, training, work after wine. Maybe it concerns myself. But I would rather not..... Basically I is about prioritizing. What is more important? 

Outdoor activity is kind of meditation. Do not believe me? I did not till I started to practice it regularly. Recently daughter surprised me. She was skiing and repeating poems that she had learned this school year. Just came to her and she followed the desire. Isn't it Fantastic?!

If I have completely shit day I go running or walking. It makes my head and thoughts so much healthier and cleaner also much easy for my family.

Kids are usually following the parents example...If you wear right clothing and have dry clothing with you will never get sick. Even if you change outside under the cold wind.

There is no right closing or right weather it is all about attitude. learned from Marko Kantaneva. I am lucky with a coach. Although he gives a lot of freedom to make all kind of mistakes. I hope that means trust from his side that I would not do something completely stupid. Well..... freedom is responsibility. We all want freedom but without responsibility. Tell you the secret - it does not happen.

When I exercise outdoors I can think. All good ideas are coming then. Life is becoming more easy and clear. Readiness and patience for bull shit decreases. So shit goes away, I hope. I want to be with people who I love and who I care about. 

It is also a great challenge, great award after. There is nothing easy but it is so great feeling when you know you have done it. All the obstacles are inside of us. Now my goal is to run longer maybe not faster at this moment and I would like to be lighter. I am 180 cm tall and 72 kg, would like to be 64. Easy for joints and my body fore sure.

We all die eventually but knowing that my grandparents died after 80 yeas of age I still have good chances to live and be active for 40 years more. Why to wait? 

I understand that you need to have some kind of guidance or coach. It is not easy to start sometimes by yourself. Online sport coaching is available nowadays. You can travel and still exercise having your program with and coach support almost 24/7. 

Have a great life! Enjoy!

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