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Friday 1/26/18 time 9:18 AM - Marko Kantaneva

Before taking up Nordic Walking, you should first focus on normal walking and its performance. Walking is a skill given to us all at birth, which we can handle even in our sleep. Walking is also the foundation of Nordic Walking.


However, in our busy everyday life we tend to forget our natural postures and movements that keep our bodies beautiful and fit. If we remember to stand erect, to keep the pelvis up and the back straight but relaxed we are listening to that inner calling. Why should we fight against the call of our blood in vain. 

Nevertheless, in observing human motion I have noticed that people fail to follow natural walking movements, like rolling of the foot from the toe to heel, twist of the pelvis. Or they have just forgotten how to use them, considering them redundant.

 A great number of people trudge along with short steps on just their soles, with their knees bent. When this is done, their shoulders and the pelvis are thrust forwards. All the work required to advance is performed by the muscles of the frontal thigh, the hip flexors. On top of all that, this unnatural way of moving is accompanied by immobile and unbending pelvic area. How easy would it be to walk along looking stately and vigorous. Just answer the call of your blood.


I admit, the above descriptive situation is overly dramatic. In its main parts, however, it is the everyday reality around us. The posture has started to disappear, only we have not noticed it. This is precisely why, before taking up Nordic Walking training, people should turn their attention to the movements involved in walking and revive these instincts. So, relax for a moment, concentrate and straighten yourself up. Feel the movements and the rhythm of your body. Let your body carry you beautifully and sensuously. Observe children moving, how they walk and run. Learn from them and their naturalness.

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