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Saturday 1/27/18 time 10:41 AM - Marko Kantaneva

In proper walking, a step starts with heel contact and ends with a toe thrust. The pelvis moves high and the body’s posture is straight and directed forwards. Upper and lower body counter-twist makes the muscles of the central part of the body work actively. Opposite arms and feet move back and forth in alternation. Various research projects have used all kinds of terminology to describe walking. In this blog, only the following terms are used to denotevarious phases of gait: heel strike, mid-stance, toe thrust.


Tables of the importance of good walking posture and instructional points for walking at level 1. and 2.


In a good walk:

  • The stride rolls from the heel to the toe.
  • The efficiency of walking is increased by active arm movements.
  • The body is erect and directed forward.

Bear in mind:

  • Pelvic twist > lower limbs.
  • Shoulder twist > upper limbs.

Source: World Original Nordic Walking Federation (ONWF) ONW TRAINER manual, 2017 edition, ©Marko Kantaneva

Keywords: walking, walking technique, exercise form, proper walking