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Monday 1/29/18 time 9:35 PM - Marko Kantaneva

Maximum oxygen intake ability is the most general indicator of endurance. It shows the ability of the respiratory and cardiovascular organs, lungs, heart, blood vessels and blood to transport oxygen to muscles, and promote the ability of muscles to accept and utilise the oxygen. The maximum oxygen intake ability of the body weakens, unless it is trained sufficiently.


 There is plenty of knowledge about the effect of brisk walks on the maximum oxygen intake ability based on various research work. 

If walking is regular and sufficiently efficient, it very soon improves the fitness of healthy adults by 10 – 30% as compared with the starting level. Those who have been moving the least before taking up regular walking, will achieve the greatest results in improving their fitness. 

The more a person has been exercising before, the more walking is required to achieve a positive change in fitness. On average, fitness improves 10% in three months. Besides maximum aerobic efficiency, the improvement in fitness also translates into an improved performance time under a stable strain. This means that a person can exercise longer without getting tired.

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