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Thursday 2/22/18 time 11:19 AM - Marko Kantaneva

Measuring fitness must never be the primary goal of workout or the end in itself. Nevertheless, it is an extremely good way of keeping personal training habits on the right track. Moreover, it is a good way to start working out in order to map your physical fitness, in particular if you have not been working out regularly for a long period of time. This means that you are not entirely and reliably fully aware of your actual physical fitness and associated risks. People often assess their state of fi tness the same way they assess their driving skills. You too perhaps believe that you are a better-than-average driver. What about your fitness? The UKK Institute walking test is a perfect fitness test that also monitors fitness progress. If workouts have not been a part of your life for a long time, then the safest way is to perform the first walking test together with a physical education professional.


Measuring endurance capacity and monitoring its development is a motivation for regular physical activity. A simple test for determining endurance – the UKK Institute’s 2 km walking test – is available for Nordic walking enthusiasts. The test was designed for 20–65 year old men and women of medium fitness and has also proven to be reliable for overweight persons. The walking test is a good way to measure changes in one’s fitness. The test is perfectly suited for Pole walkers, although it is based on normal walking. The UKK Institute walking test is not intended to be performed with poles. In case of persons who are already very fit, the results underestimate endurance capability.


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