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When selecting Nordic Walking poles...

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Saturday 4/21/18 time 1:38 PM - Marko Kantaneva©

When selecting Nordic Walking poles, it is sensible to pay particular attention to the following issues:

• The design and material of the grip must be ergonomical to suit the palm of your hand, and not rub when used with a bare hand.

• The strap must provide proper support to the arm and, furthermore, should be designed in such a manner where there is no need to squeeze the pole; instead, the pole should move naturally along with the movements of the walker.

• Moreover, a good strap divides the grip of the palm equally, and ensures unimpeded circulation in the palm.

• A pole must be lightweight and durable .

• The hard metal spike on the lower tip of the pole is a safety device, and the asphalt paw attached to the spike, which is supplied as an optional extra, absorbs the impact when walking on hard surfaces.


Before purchasing your set of poles, you should try out poles of several lengths at the store or in various Nordic Walking events. When doing this, please bear in mind and observe the following:

• When you walk with poles do you get a natural and effi cient sensation of movements?

• Does the pole provide resistance appropriate to the level of your fitness and skills?

• If the pole is short, movements achieved are rather short.

• Poles of proper size (about 0.7 x your height) ensure movements that are naturally suited to you. This principle applies perfectly to the majority of Nordic Pole Walking enthusiasts.

• When a pole is long the movements achieved are rather long, whereas short poles result in short movements.

Original Nordic Walking Pole length Selection Table


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