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Warm Up And Cool Down Before And After Nordic Walking - Marko Kantaneva

Thursday 1/31/19 time 10:52 PM - Marko Kantaneva

Pole Trick

Tuesday 4/24/18 time 7:00 PM - Marko Kantaneva

Complete flexibility test of the neck and shoulder area, shoulder-blades, back and legs. Hold the poles in front of you and step over the poles without releasing the grip. Swing the poles in front of you over your head, again – do not let go. Now step over the poles again, and still do not release the grip. When you have taken the poles behind you for the second time, and you have not released your grip of the poles, you have completed the trick successfully.


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Monday 4/23/18 time 2:53 PM - Marko Kantaneva©

The task of these essential workouts with poles is to prepare the joints and muscles for subsequent training or to restore them after exercising. Nordic Walking is a wonderful and functional sport because using its equipment - the poles - enables you to take care of the fitness of your entire muscular system.




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When selecting Nordic Walking poles...

Saturday 4/21/18 time 1:38 PM - Marko Kantaneva©

When selecting Nordic Walking poles, it is sensible to pay particular attention to the following issues:

• The design and material of the grip must be ergonomical to suit the palm of your hand, and not rub when used with a bare hand.

• The strap must provide proper support to the arm and, furthermore, should be designed in such a manner where there is no need to squeeze the pole; instead, the pole should move naturally along with the movements of the walker.

• Moreover, a good strap divides the grip of the palm equally, and ensures unimpeded circulation in the palm.

• A pole must be lightweight and durable .

• The hard metal spike on the lower tip of the pole is a safety device, and the asphalt paw attached to the spike, which is supplied as an optional extra, absorbs the impact when walking on hard surfaces.


Before purchasing your set of poles, you should try out poles of several lengths at the store or in various Nordic Walking events. When doing this, please bear in mind and observe the following:

• When you walk with poles do you get a natural and effi cient sensation of movements?

• Does the pole provide resistance appropriate to the level of your fitness and skills?

• If the pole is short, movements achieved are rather short.

• Poles of proper size (about 0.7 x your height) ensure movements that are naturally suited to you. This principle applies perfectly to the majority of Nordic Pole Walking enthusiasts.

• When a pole is long the movements achieved are rather long, whereas short poles result in short movements.

Original Nordic Walking Pole length Selection Table


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Thursday 2/22/18 time 11:19 AM - Marko Kantaneva

Measuring fitness must never be the primary goal of workout or the end in itself. Nevertheless, it is an extremely good way of keeping personal training habits on the right track. Moreover, it is a good way to start working out in order to map your physical fitness, in particular if you have not been working out regularly for a long period of time. This means that you are not entirely and reliably fully aware of your actual physical fitness and associated risks. People often assess their state of fi tness the same way they assess their driving skills. You too perhaps believe that you are a better-than-average driver. What about your fitness? The UKK Institute walking test is a perfect fitness test that also monitors fitness progress. If workouts have not been a part of your life for a long time, then the safest way is to perform the first walking test together with a physical education professional.


Measuring endurance capacity and monitoring its development is a motivation for regular physical activity. A simple test for determining endurance – the UKK Institute’s 2 km walking test – is available for Nordic walking enthusiasts. The test was designed for 20–65 year old men and women of medium fitness and has also proven to be reliable for overweight persons. The walking test is a good way to measure changes in one’s fitness. The test is perfectly suited for Pole walkers, although it is based on normal walking. The UKK Institute walking test is not intended to be performed with poles. In case of persons who are already very fit, the results underestimate endurance capability.


Keywords: fitness test, measuring, condition, walking test, 2 km, walking, nordic walking


Wednesday 2/14/18 time 1:44 PM - by Elena Kantaneva

Weight loss and exercises are these two friends always go together hand by hand?

I believe I do not need to mention it happens to many of us. We promise to ourselves that we are going to follow healthy nutrition and regular exercise starting next Monday. We even really start to follow our promise but loose the interest  in 2 weeks or in 2 months. The main reason is that there is not really any fast results happening. 

First of all let me tell you that weight loss does not have direct connection to exercising. 

If you want to loose weight concentrate on nutrition. Exercising helps to keep or build the muscle power and improve cardiovascular system by endurance exercises. 

It is like with every project that you are working in life you would need to answer basic questions:

What result do I want to have?

  • Why do I want it? (There has to be very clear you own reason. Not any kind of general talks about health)
  • How am I going to reach it?
  • When?
  • Where am I at the moment?

These questions are very simple but sometimes it is so difficult to answer without help. We seem to know everything and yet are not able to succeed. That is why professional coaching is so much important. It is a source of help, support, sharing and guidance.


Chicken in coconut carry

6 servings

  • 800 gr of boneless chicken cutted 
  • 1 can of coconut milk
  • 3 pcs of fresh celery chopped 
  • 3 cloves of garlic chopped
  • 2 onions chopped
  • 1,5 cm fresh ginger peeled and chopped
  • 1 table spoon of coconut oil
  • Salt, curry, pepper to your taste

In a big pan melt coconut oil, and fry for 10 min onions, ginger, garlic, celery Add coconut milk and chicken. Cook for 1 hour.

Keywords: weight loss, healthy food, curry chicken


Friday 2/9/18 time 8:05 PM - Elena Kantaneva

We hear a lot about fat burning food....

I suggest here to burn fat with vodka or spirit 😂. Very good liquid at least for fat cleaning, isn’t it?

What is your opinion, if I would eat chocolate - I become a chocolate or become very sweet?

Le’s make it clear fat on the plate is different from the fat in the body. More over, person could look slim but have a visceral fat (fat in organs). This is becoming a bit dangerous. I cannot clean the plate and the body with the same thing. 

Do we know simple reactions that happen inside of us if we eat too much of carbs or sugar? It goes to fat! 

One more thing to think for you: is fat on the plate same as the fat in the body? Or if I eat fat it increases my cholesterol level? Or fat if you take it smart is actually a good energy for you? 

Can you actually teach the body to burn fat with every step you take? The answer is yes, with planned exercises and corrected nutrition you are easily able to do it!


This is my best friend’s recipe of Borch: 

1,5 l beef broth

30 grs butter

1 onions, diced

3 garlic cloves, chopped

3 carrots peeled, grated

3 potato’s peeled and sliced

1/2 head cabbage, shredded

2 teaspoon salt, or to taste

1/2 teaspoon freshly ground black pepper, or to taste

3 beetroots, peeled, grated

1 can of crushed 🍅 tomatoes 

1/4 cup dill, minced

2 table spoons of lemon juice freshly squeezed 

sour cream to taste

- In a deep pan with heated broth place 3 beetroots, grated and lemon juice. And let it boil. Lemon is needed for beetroot to keep the red color.

- Add sliced potatoes to a pan with beetroot let in continue to boil.

- Add to a pan shredded cabbage. 

- In a deep heated skillet place butter, onion, garlic and carrot and let in cook for 15 min. Add crushed tomatos and keep for another 10 min.

- When broth with cabbage in start to boil, add mix from the skillet. 

- Add salt and pepper. Cook for 20 more min.

You can serve Borch with dill, sour cream, add more fresh garlic. It´s a very good combination of the ingredients - but remember too much is too much!!

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Friday 2/9/18 time 9:38 AM - Marko Kantaneva

Please, answer the questions below:

  1. Is your neck and shoulder area fit?
  2. Do you exercise enough? (at least 1 – 2 times per week, and for about 30 minutes at a time)
  3. Are your abdominal muscles fit?
  4. Are your back muscles fit?
  5. Are your arm muscles fit?
  6. Do you squat easily?
  7. Can you walk up three flights of stairs easily and without panting?
  8. When you divide your weight by the square of your height, e.g. 75 kg / 1.872 = 22.4 (weight index), is the result below 25?
  9. Do you enjoy jogging?
  10. Do you enjoy walking?

If you answered ‘No’ to more than one question, then Nordic Walking is surely an excellent workout for you. And what is better – even if you answered ‘Yes’ to all or most of the questions, Nordic Walking is still an excellent form of workout for you.


WOULD NORDIC POLE WALKING SUIT YOU? THE ANSWERS: Here are some of my answers to the questions above.

  1. Nordic Walking conditions the neck and shoulder area muscles, and relieves tensions.
  2. Nordic Walking appeals to large groups of people everywhere. So Nordic Walking must be fun and appropriately challenging.
  3. If your abdominal muscles are not fit, you will be able to improve their firmness and condition with Nordic Walking and pole exercises.
  4. If your abdominal muscles are not fit, you will be able to improve their firmness and condition with Nordic Walking and pole exercises.
  5. If your arm muscles have become weak then pole thrusts involved in Nordic Walking will restore your muscle strength.
  6. Nordic Pole Walking combined with pole exercises will give you flexible joints and muscles.
  7. The pleasure, motivation and benefi ts provided by Nordic Walking will soon restore your wellness to the level set by your age.
  8. Regular Nordic Walking workouts and properly balanced eating are the best options to control your weight.
  9. If you do not like running, all benefi ts of running and jogging can be achieved through a much more painless way – through Nordic Walking.
  10. If you do not like running, all benefi ts of running and jogging can be achieved through a much more painless way – through Nordic Walking.

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Thursday 2/8/18 time 5:01 PM - Elena Kantaneva

«The glycemic index (or GI) is a ranking of carbohydrates on a scale from 0 to 100 according to the extent to which they raise blood sugar (glucose) levels after eating. Foods with a high GI are those which are rapidly digested, absorbed and metabolised and result in marked fluctuations in blood sugar (glucose) levels. Low GI carbohydrates – the ones that produce smaller fluctuations in your blood glucose and insulin levels» 

This index is just a ranking nothing more nothing less. It does not count calories . 

If you eat too much of low GI carbs that means that you eat too much and all the extra goes to fat in your body. There is no any kind of mystery behind. If you have broccoli as a side dish on your plate there is no need for a carefully placed load of potatoes or rice. Too much is too much!

Let’s make our portions smaller! Carbs are not proteins if you have eaten to much one day! It is done deal. You made a straight road to collect fat in your body even you have no carbs at all next day. 

If you eat candies 🍭 or cookies every day, plus very healthy fruits 🍎 on top you just need to accept the fact that weight loss is not your priority at the moment and let it be! There is not going to happen any total weight loss even if you exhaust yourself with exercises. It will just make you very tired and angry person with no energy. Life is not about that! So let’s start to treat our body with care: eat smart and train without violence.


  • 3 pcs of bacon,
  • green salad
  • and small spoon of sour cream

Weight loss dinner for a very hungry soul😘


Keywords: glycemic index, carbohydrates, blood sugar, protein, insulin, food, healthy food, nutrition


Wednesday 2/7/18 time 10:30 AM - Marko Kantaneva

marko-kantaneva-swing-back.jpgIn brief, Nordic Walking is enhanced walking where the arms are also used to push.

In Nordic Walking, the movements of your arms, feet, pelvic area and the entire body are similar to those employed during a vigorous walk. 

In Nordic Walking, the opposite arms and feet swing in alternation and rhythmically forwards and backwards just as in normal walking, but clearly more intensively. 

It is important to try to learn the correct rhythm and swing moves of Nordic Walking as correctly as possible right from the start in order to ensure the best training effects. The amplitude of arm swing in the back and forth direction also sets the swing breadth of the lower limbs, i.e. the legs. Short arm motions are translated into short pelvis and leg motions.

The same happens vice versa, when one walks with short strides. In this case, it is impossible to make extensive back and front arm swings. The further the pole is thrust back behind the pelvic line, the longer the stride required. The longer and more complete the above mentioned swinging motion of the upper and lower limbs, the stronger the twists of the pelvis, chest, neck and shoulders. 

Nordic Walking performed with wide and maximally large as well as alternating overall joint angles is an extremely good workout as well as beneficial for the skeleton and organs.

Keywords: Nordic walking, walking, exercise, stride, swing, rhythm, arms, pelvic, feet, original


Monday 2/5/18 time 11:37 AM - Elena Kantaneva

What do we know about it? Every sport pros will tell you when and how they use fat tank while exercising or how do they coach athletes to get the energy from fat. We hear about using fat tank here and there but what is it in reality? We also read and know all about healthy and balanced nutrition? Have we got slimmer? I have not. It is not only about exercising. 

Nutrition is very important as well. We do not know how to burn fat and we have not learned how to eat fat. We have a lot of carbs and proteins on our plates and time to time we tend to have more of one over the another. Supermarkets are full of low fat product. How do we burn fat then? Body that operates with proteins and carbs transforming them to fat as one of the options does not know other patterns. Exercising we are burning first carbs. Most of us do never even reach in overall to the point when body starts to burn fat while exercising. 

How to teach the body with every step you take to burn fat? Do you want to learn? Let’s learn together. I am currently teaching my body to use fat and learning new exercise program. I will publish my favorite recipes time to time and share experience and feelings. Just one thing no sugar and very little carbs. 

I will also share my exercising experience. Yesterday 2,5 hours of Nordic Walking with Vipole instructor Vario poles were hard but worth every step. Stay tuned will tell you why in the next posts...

First lunch recipe is on the way for you here: 

Baked bell pepper:

  • 400 gr. Grounded turkey 
  • 1 onion
  • 3 garlic cloves
  • Fresh ginger to your taste
  • Black pepper
  • Salt
  • 20 gr butter
  • 60 gr Grounded cheddar cheese
  • 2 bell peppers 🌶 

Preparation: cut onions, garlic, fresh ginger in small pieces and fry it on a pan a bit add graunded meat and cook till ready. If you have a multicooker set on “fry” and time 15 min. 

Cut bell pepper in halves, clean from the seeds, place meat into 4 halves spice with cheese 🧀 and cook in the oven for 20 min. If you use multicooker place on “bake” and leave it for 20 min as well. 

Salad is very simple: leaves, half avocado, celery, seeds, avocado oil and a bit squeezed lemon 🍋

Keywords: burning fat, nutrition, fat, recipe, food, weight loss, healthy living

Why is Nordic Walking the best all-in-1 workout in the world?

Wednesday 1/31/18 time 8:58 AM - Marko Kantaneva

• When exercising with Nordic Walking, you are always improving the condition of all your major muscle groups – i.e. the fitness of your arms, back, abdomen, pelvic area and feet muscles;

• When exercising with Nordic Walking, you are always improving the state of your respiratory and cardiovascular system. The fitness of your lungs, heart and blood vessels;

• You can practise Nordic Walking wherever you wish and whenever you wish – on roads, in parks, on the beach, in the woods;

• Nordic Walking movements are completely natural and functional. Movements are the same as those of normal walking;

• Nordic Walking suits everyone. Nordic Walking can be practised with good results by top athletes, people attracted to fitness sports and those who want to promote their health, elderly and young people and children;

• Using Nordic Walking devices – the poles – you can perform a number of movements that will make you more agile, stronger and fitter.


Learn more from Marko: Online Education

See also Nordic walking instructor package

and Vipole Vario Novice adjustable NW poles

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Monday 1/29/18 time 9:35 PM - Marko Kantaneva

Maximum oxygen intake ability is the most general indicator of endurance. It shows the ability of the respiratory and cardiovascular organs, lungs, heart, blood vessels and blood to transport oxygen to muscles, and promote the ability of muscles to accept and utilise the oxygen. The maximum oxygen intake ability of the body weakens, unless it is trained sufficiently.


 There is plenty of knowledge about the effect of brisk walks on the maximum oxygen intake ability based on various research work. 

If walking is regular and sufficiently efficient, it very soon improves the fitness of healthy adults by 10 – 30% as compared with the starting level. Those who have been moving the least before taking up regular walking, will achieve the greatest results in improving their fitness. 

The more a person has been exercising before, the more walking is required to achieve a positive change in fitness. On average, fitness improves 10% in three months. Besides maximum aerobic efficiency, the improvement in fitness also translates into an improved performance time under a stable strain. This means that a person can exercise longer without getting tired.

Keywords: Maximum oxygen intake, cardiovascular condition, walking, fitness workout


Monday 1/29/18 time 2:45 PM - Marko Kantaneva

Walking is a safe form of endurance workout suitablevfor everyone. This is the most easily available form of exercise (active movement) to improve our health. Walking can be practised anywhere and at any time. When walking, large muscle groups in the legs, pelvic area, trunk and upper limbs work uninterruptedly and continuously.


For instance, a male weighing 75 kg uses about 12 – 15 kg of his body muscles actively in walking. When walking, a person moves at the level improving the endurance of the body. Walking is safe for the skeletal system, muscles and joints, because the centre of gravity is shifted to the mid-body. Shifting the centre of gravity to the mid-body reduces loads on the feet, ankles, knees and lower back. Load impacts on the lower limbs thus match the body weight of the person walking. If walking is compared with jogging or running motions, then in the latter cases the load impact on the lower limbs equals three times the body weight of the runner.


Research also shows that besides endurance any workout in the form of walking also improves the blood fat profi le and the composition of the body. Walking also has a benefi cial impact on blood pressure in the resting state, bone density and mood. Walking exercises improve endurance. Energy consumption when walking depends on speed and body weight. Even normal walking speed triples the basic metabolism of the body compared with resting. If the speed exceeds 7 km per hour, energy consumption approaches that of jogging.

During a brisk walk, a person weighing eighty kilos uses 60% more energy than a 50-kilo person. Energy consumption of an average-sized woman is thus considerably smaller than that of a normal size man walking the same trip. If the walking path is soft or very rough, for instance a sandy or a soft gravel path, then energy consumption increases. Unevenness of the soil increases energy consumption more than its softness. Powerful arm movements or the use of poles, handweights and ankleweights also increase energy consumption. However, the use of additional weights may slow down the pace, and thus the actual training effect is smaller.

Keywords: walking, walking technique, exercise form, proper walking


Saturday 1/27/18 time 10:41 AM - Marko Kantaneva

In proper walking, a step starts with heel contact and ends with a toe thrust. The pelvis moves high and the body’s posture is straight and directed forwards. Upper and lower body counter-twist makes the muscles of the central part of the body work actively. Opposite arms and feet move back and forth in alternation. Various research projects have used all kinds of terminology to describe walking. In this blog, only the following terms are used to denotevarious phases of gait: heel strike, mid-stance, toe thrust.


Tables of the importance of good walking posture and instructional points for walking at level 1. and 2.


In a good walk:

  • The stride rolls from the heel to the toe.
  • The efficiency of walking is increased by active arm movements.
  • The body is erect and directed forward.

Bear in mind:

  • Pelvic twist > lower limbs.
  • Shoulder twist > upper limbs.

Source: World Original Nordic Walking Federation (ONWF) ONW TRAINER manual, 2017 edition, ©Marko Kantaneva

Keywords: walking, walking technique, exercise form, proper walking


Friday 1/26/18 time 9:18 AM - Marko Kantaneva

Before taking up Nordic Walking, you should first focus on normal walking and its performance. Walking is a skill given to us all at birth, which we can handle even in our sleep. Walking is also the foundation of Nordic Walking.


However, in our busy everyday life we tend to forget our natural postures and movements that keep our bodies beautiful and fit. If we remember to stand erect, to keep the pelvis up and the back straight but relaxed we are listening to that inner calling. Why should we fight against the call of our blood in vain. 

Nevertheless, in observing human motion I have noticed that people fail to follow natural walking movements, like rolling of the foot from the toe to heel, twist of the pelvis. Or they have just forgotten how to use them, considering them redundant.

 A great number of people trudge along with short steps on just their soles, with their knees bent. When this is done, their shoulders and the pelvis are thrust forwards. All the work required to advance is performed by the muscles of the frontal thigh, the hip flexors. On top of all that, this unnatural way of moving is accompanied by immobile and unbending pelvic area. How easy would it be to walk along looking stately and vigorous. Just answer the call of your blood.


I admit, the above descriptive situation is overly dramatic. In its main parts, however, it is the everyday reality around us. The posture has started to disappear, only we have not noticed it. This is precisely why, before taking up Nordic Walking training, people should turn their attention to the movements involved in walking and revive these instincts. So, relax for a moment, concentrate and straighten yourself up. Feel the movements and the rhythm of your body. Let your body carry you beautifully and sensuously. Observe children moving, how they walk and run. Learn from them and their naturalness.

Learn more from Marko: Online Education

See also Nordic walking instructor package

and Vipole Vario Novice adjustable NW poles

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Thursday 11/2/17 time 3:49 PM - Elena Kantaneva


We are not our bodies. That is why it is very difficult to focus, devote time and energy to build a healthy strong body. It seems that our goals in life does not include healthy body. We got used to hear that we are all equal, man and woman. It does not matter how do you look, more important who you are. This message does not motivate to take care of body. But is this message really true and helps people. We are not stupid. We are ready to spend time and energy that keeps us moving towards our life goals, find partner, love, professional growth.

Body somehow is not included in our plan. Why? Does it mean that it is not so important? How we are supposed to live without our bodies? What happens if body stops functioning, our joints stops carrying out overweighted bodies? 

Does it really mean that body is less important or we just pretending and closing the eyes denying the reality, supporting sales of the majority of the products in supermarket that legal to sell but that harm our bodies? 

Believe me we cannot eat it all. Maybe it is just time to take care of our bodies, listen to it, devote time and energy to it, cherish it?

There are coaches available to help you manage that issues and set the goal towards healthy body.

Keywords: We are not our bodies

Ellu´s Kitchen: Eventually we all die

Sunday 10/22/17 time 12:59 PM - Elena Kantaneva

IMG_3781.JPG.jpegWe all die. Maybe even sooner than we think. So why to waste time on something that does not interest you.

I have no idea what is wrong and what is right. How to raise kids? What to do and what to eat to stay healthy? What is happiness and what is love? I do not know what is black and what is white! I am not even sure that I need to know. Knowledge will come when needed.

I started to run, ski and interval training at the age of 42. I liked it so much. I cannot say that I was inactive. I played tennis, was going to gym. However, this outdoor activity made me so much happy and complete. There are couple of things that I have learned. Running, walking, skiing showing you that you have extra weight immediately. It is not so easy for joints and cardiovascular system if you are overweighted or have extra. There is almost no ways to drop weight with exercising. You need to place the locker on the fridge! 

With all adds and commercial offering healthy food and recipes I get really tired. I understand that I do not need so much food at all and obviously do not want to spent my time away from family and training following all these "healthy" advises. Food is like Russian vodka you cannot drink all available in the world. So better stop eating. @elluskitchen was created to show time to time easy things that you can cook if you want.

Wine...... I always liked red dry wine.... nothing else probably but wine. Friends can tell....It makes me tired now. I do not have power for all what I love family, training, work after wine. Maybe it concerns myself. But I would rather not..... Basically I is about prioritizing. What is more important? 

Outdoor activity is kind of meditation. Do not believe me? I did not till I started to practice it regularly. Recently daughter surprised me. She was skiing and repeating poems that she had learned this school year. Just came to her and she followed the desire. Isn't it Fantastic?!

If I have completely shit day I go running or walking. It makes my head and thoughts so much healthier and cleaner also much easy for my family.

Kids are usually following the parents example...If you wear right clothing and have dry clothing with you will never get sick. Even if you change outside under the cold wind.

There is no right closing or right weather it is all about attitude. learned from Marko Kantaneva. I am lucky with a coach. Although he gives a lot of freedom to make all kind of mistakes. I hope that means trust from his side that I would not do something completely stupid. Well..... freedom is responsibility. We all want freedom but without responsibility. Tell you the secret - it does not happen.

When I exercise outdoors I can think. All good ideas are coming then. Life is becoming more easy and clear. Readiness and patience for bull shit decreases. So shit goes away, I hope. I want to be with people who I love and who I care about. 

It is also a great challenge, great award after. There is nothing easy but it is so great feeling when you know you have done it. All the obstacles are inside of us. Now my goal is to run longer maybe not faster at this moment and I would like to be lighter. I am 180 cm tall and 72 kg, would like to be 64. Easy for joints and my body fore sure.

We all die eventually but knowing that my grandparents died after 80 yeas of age I still have good chances to live and be active for 40 years more. Why to wait? 

I understand that you need to have some kind of guidance or coach. It is not easy to start sometimes by yourself. Online sport coaching is available nowadays. You can travel and still exercise having your program with and coach support almost 24/7. 

Have a great life! Enjoy!

Keywords: Eventually we all die

Ellu´s Kitchen: What is in your lunch box?

Saturday 9/23/17 time 12:33 PM - Elena Kantaneva©


I did not take anything with today to eat. That is way I needed to make my lunch selection from the nearest to the office salad bar. It should give me energy but not make me feel tired and sleepy. My selection is Iceberg lettuce, sprouts, chicken. I did not put any sauce or dressing since ready made dressings contain mostly carbohydrates and a lot of sugar. Portion is not big as well just enough to keep me going but not to make me full. No bread and no coffee. Just time for food. I had my coffee in the morning and water I drink during the day anyway.


Keywords: lunch box, food, lunch, Elena Kantaneva

Power Hill Training

Tuesday 9/19/17 time 1:15 PM - Text: Marko Kantaneva, photos: Samantha Armstrong


The idea of this form of training is to develop all areas of fitness: basic endurance, pace endurance and maximum endurance. Maximum endurance training is used only with respect to muscular effort (aerobic speed endurance) without the heart rate rising to its maximum potential. Training sessions start at a slow pace and gradually increase speed. At the end of the session the tempo is reduced again. The following is an example of a hill training session. The gradually increasing pace ensures a refreshed feeling in the muscles after the training has finished. The session should end with a thorough set of stretching exercises.


After warming up (10 minutes) the first part of the session proper begins. The aim of this is 20-30 minutes of vigorous aerobic Nordic Walking. The heart rate remains under 150 beats per minute throughout. See the Heart Rate Table 1 for more details. During the subsequent pace endurance section the heart rate rises to 150-170 beats per minute. This section consists of 20-30 minutes of hill training with the inclines walked vigorously and the downhills jogged or run. The following muscle conditioning exercise should be repeated 15 times.


The movement may be, for example, a pole press up. It should be begun straight after the hill session without any intervening recovery. The aerobic pace endurance component of the session involves jogging or running uphill using the poles at 95% of maximum speed and for a maximum of ten seconds at a time (heart rate 170-180 beats/minute). Five repetitions with two minutes recover in between. Afterwards a recovery phase consisting of easy Nordic Walking (heart rate 135-140 beats/minute) followed by the stretching exercises.

The following table shows recommended heart rates for rehabilitation and fitness walking for people of different ages:

Table 1


One should also be aware that the heart rate both at rest and during physical exertion is affected by medication such as, for example, medicines for heart and circulatory problems, asthma medicine and medicines for treating psychological conditions. The most common of these are blood pressure medications which generally lower the heart rate and asthma medications which increase it. The effect on the heart rate may be either that of increasing or decreasing so anyone using such drugs should consult with his doctor or some other health care specialist regarding the heart rate suitable for him during exercise. 



Run in a relaxed manner allowing the stride to roll forward from the heel to the ball of the foot and using the poles in vigorous alternating fashion. LINK TO VIDEO


Run in a relaxed manner with lengthened but low bounding strides allowing the stride to roll forward from the heel to the ball of the foot and using the poles in vigorous alternating fashion. LINK TO VIDEO


Increase the pace of your running slightly and keep the leading leg’s knee high allowing the lower leg to swing easily forward. As soon as the knee is raised plant the leg down on the ground at the point underneath your centre of gravity. Thus you will achieve an effective forward directed effort. Use the poles in vigorous alternating fashion.


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