• Name: Marko Kantaneva
  • Date of Birth: 20.11.1970
  • Nationality: Suomi|Finnish
  • Sports Instructor, Personal trainer, Professional Sports Coach, Master of The Sports Studies.

Marko Kantaneva is the founder, ideologist, author of the first educational programs and marketing materials for Nordic walking, the developer of the world's first poles for Nordic walking in the company Exel, author of 16 books and thousands of articles on sports, healthy lifestyle and nutrition, published in different countries and translated into several languages, Master of Sports Science, a professional coach, a professional in sales and marketing of sports goods and programs.

"I am outdoor & Nordic sports enthusiast and specialist. But I also know what I´m doing in a gym. I´m a key person of world wide Nordic walking movement. Some people says about me:" The man credited with "inventing" Nordic walking".Rather as a person than a coach I get along very well with people and I enjoy excellent social interaction. Coaching is my passion and way of life. I have a great will by nature to be helpful and help people get inspired to physical exercise as well as lifestyle changes goals and make it way of living. As a coach I am honored to receive feed back from my customers as a professional with great sense of humor, with supportive and respectful approach, with leading by example attitude while coaching."