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Personal training is always a comprehensive coaching package that focuses on personal changes in lifestyle, nutrition, training, physical form and general physical activity, and focuses on personalized training tools that are tailored to the chosen goal and the dream of a client. In addition, the customized Premium Personal trainer is reachable unlimited daily, and personal meetings are recommended, regardless of the duration of the training, at least once a week. Also, training does not necessarily have to be the only way to shape and strengthen muscles in the gym. Often, the best results are achieved when exercising outdoors. Various sports venues, hills, meadows, fields and forest paths give a nice variation and keep the traineer motivated and training paths fresh. Premium Personal training coaching is suitable for beginners (especially recommended), for enthusiasts and for active ones. Coaching and meetings can be conducted weekly with joint exercises and / or digital distance and video training.
Weight loss training is disigned to achieve a healthy weight and keep this weight for the rest of the life. We will collect the background information that helps you understand the causes and consequences of overweight and provides guidance on weight management while the goal of healthy nutrition in being achieved. Somewhere in the depths of the soul, everyone wants to get rid of extra fat around abdominal area, around hips and arms. However when it comes to action it is matter of individual will and motivation. When creating a goal, it is good to take into account individual attributes and genres (bodily structure, character, habits, etc.). A realistic view of your own potential and goal is the strength of motivation.
Running School Coaching focuses on programmed durability training instead of runner's personal running skills and the required features. Many active enthusiasts, such as marathon training, are traditionally focused solely on sustainability development, always at the same pace and at the end of the race, as fast as they can with the kind of jogging style. However, by developing personalized running techniques, the power saving and speed of running can be significantly improved without the need for any kind of changes to the actual endurance features. By improving the running technique, you can enjoy faster running and more productive.
Sports Coaching, special training program focuses on developing and progressing in particular type of sport, special sport or improve required features. For example: Running, skiing, swimming, cycling, roller-skating, gym, etc. Both the strength, the mobility will be practiced required by the chosen type of sport. Sports coaching is suitable for beginners, enthusiasts, active as well as competitive sportsmen. From juniors to seniors. Coaching and meetings can be conducted weekly with joint exercises and / or digital distance and video training.

Nordic Sports coaching includes virtually all cross country skiing coaching for both beginner, enthusiast, active and competitive racer all year round from junior to senior. Coaching may include, for example: Guidance on equipment and equipment procurement and their maintenance. Grinding and exercising of traditional and free skiing techniques. Roller skating, skateboarding, gymnastics training, train training and training. Skiing fitness circles and strength exercises, special exercises, mobility training. Supervised exercises and training, as well as nutrition guidance and programming. Coaching can, for example, consist of a training program for a ski event for up to one year or longer programmed training sessions. The abovementioned contents and their amount in training will be agreed separately before the training and will be adjusted as necessary during the training. Coaching can be done weekly with joint exercises and / or distance coaching and video training.

Nordic Sports School Training Camps, Courses, etc. Announced Separately .

In MarkoKantaneva.Com Coaching:

  • We keep in mind that every person is a unique individual that needs to be guided and trained individually so that he personally achieves the best and most optimal result. Anything then can be targeted. This requires from the coach to be experienced, have a vision and create a trust. All of these: Experience, vision and trust are born only over time. Therefore, a free live or virtual appointment without any time limitation is always arranged before the enrolled coaching, in order to find out what are the conditions for a success training and successful coaching from both sides.
  • We have wholistic approach to the training. When training is desired, it is impossible to isolate coaching or partially ignore details such as: everyday life challenges, dietary habits, muscle maintenance, rest, etc. For that reason, each training includes the necessary personal tests, more detailed or more extensive nutrition training / guidance and selected goal oriented controlled and programmed training sessions and practices. All the coaching instructions and guidance at any time are always determined by personal goals and agreed in advance during the discussions and coaching.
  • We guaranteed the availability of a coach every day, separately, without billing or paying attention.
  • We promised that the coach always tells his honest opinions and views on things and teaches the person to be trained without keeping the knowledge and skills that he or she needs, skills, motivation, and attitude.
  • Our opinion is that perfect result is when the coach has been able to make himself ultimately unnecessary. Meaning that the trainee has received sufficient knowledge and skills during the coaching to continue develop independently. The coach will continue to enjoy the role of consultant, sponsor and speaker.