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1. ONW COACH online learning (GOLD education membership (1st 3 years)200.00 €90 pcs

ONW COACH Certificate educational pre-requisites

Only those who are:
  • ONW TRAINER, SILVER education membership
  • or fitness professionals
  • or medical or health care professionals
will qualify to take part in the ONW COACH education program as well those who have:
  • practical experience on leading NW groups more than 3 years,
  • or those who have taken Nordic walking instructor courses under the some Nordic walking organization.


  • ONW Anatomy Package, 122 pages (A4).
  • ONW Bronze manual, introduction to the Original Nordic Walking, 32 pages (A5).
  • ONW TRAINER manual, 28 pages  (A4).
  • ONW COACH manual, 58 pages  (A4).
ONW_COACH_edu_mat_pic_1.jpg ONW_COACH_edu_mat_pic_2.jpg

5 x eLectures (Lecturer: Marko Kantaneva):

  • Introduction 1 hour
  • 4 x 1,5 hours


  • Anatomy (10 questions).
ONW COACH education fee and registration is delivered and granted under the license of ONWF. ONW COACH education is given in 1) organized seminars and 2) online learning.


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1. ONW COACH online learning (GOLD education membership (1st 3 years): Fee of ONW COACH online learning