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ONW Club membership


Product Price Stock balance
1. ONW Club membership (1st 3 years)200.00 €Can be ordered
2. ONW Club membership (every other 3 years)100.00 €Can be ordered

ONW Club

ONW Clubs can be existing in the country without National Club being presented.

1. ONW Club membership in ONWF is 200 euro for the first 3 years.

2. 100 euro every other 3 years.


If there is National ONWF Club existing in the country prices for being a club are.

200 euro for the first 3 years (100 euro goes to ONWF, 100 euro to NC). 100 euro every other 3 years (50 euro to ONWF, 50 euro to NC).

Product: 540995

Additional information

1. ONW Club membership: 200 euro fee for the first 3 years
2. ONW Club membership: 100 euro fee for every other 3 years